WUSS – Website Updates and Security Subscription 2022


The WordPress/Drupal Updates and Security Subscription Package is designed to keep your website working trouble-free 24/7/365.

Regular upgrades plus maintenance and tight security measures go a long way towards ensuring that your website stays as strong and functional as when it was launched.

Your subscription to the WordPress Updates and Security Package guarantees that your site will be up to the latest industry standards and best practices.

The protection it offers is focused on the WordPress CMS and on viruses and hacking attacks aimed at it. It doesn’t extend to protecting your site from problems with your host or arrangements with other third party suppliers.

  Download the WordPress Updates and Security Subscription Package

Security Updates

Your site needs protection. This will help.

Your website was developed with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), one of the world’s fastest growing web software systems. Developed in 2003, it’s now used as today, on average about 42% of all sites on the internet, you can read more at and also here.

At the same time, hacking and spamming websites is a fully fledged industry aimed at using your site to get everything from your email address contacts to credit card numbers and any other sensitive information that can be found. Hackers also use your website – using sophisticated algorithms – as a channel to other websites you are connected to through external links or email addresses.

All of the sites we have launched or updated in the last year have two Firewall plug-ins designed to give the site the best possible security.

Wordfence and iThemes Security to start, but there is way more to it…

WordPress’ increased popularity, combined with the number and sophistication of hackers, requires ongoing vigilance and secure versions of the CMS.

Every year, WordPress issues 12 or more updates to ensure both site security and functional improvements. Some of the updates feature minor tweaks while others add new functions.

Functionality Improvements

WordPress is constantly improving. Its early versions functioned primarily as simple blogging software with limited scope.

Today, WordPress has evolved into a complex CMS with capacity to perform a wide range of functions through stronger core themes, an extended range of plug-ins, widgets and visual editors.

WordPress core theme and plugin updates serve several functions:

  1. They ensure that all of your existing functionality is maintained. If the site’s core theme and plugins aren’t regularly updated they will eventually stop working. For example, functions like a slide carousel or the ability to show YouTube videos might stop.
  2. Plugin updates improve security.
  3. Updates keep your site performing at optimal levels for Google search purposes.
  4. In some instances, they will help your site and some its functions work better.

WordPress is a complex piece of software using tens of thousands of lines of code. There will always be bugs in code and they need to be fixed. Like housecleaning, it’s an ongoing task.

{Part of this content was originally posted in 2014 on the Working Design Inc. website here, when WordPress used to run “only” 20% of the web}